Before Started as a Company

March 17, 2017

Social and technical events have formed the core Bonitoo team before the company was established.

Brief History

In 2006, the Systinet development team went through the acquisition by Mercury Interactive and by HP to arrive in HP Software business.

Between 2007 to 2016, the team built successful HP software products such as brand new Enterprise Maps and kept on releasing multiple Systinet major versions, too. Customers are large global corporations ranging from banking, telecommunications, the insurance industry, and governments.

Products and Projects

  • 2003 Systinet UDDI Registry, and the SOAP Stack implementations in Java, C++ and Javascript
  • 2004 Systinet Repository
  • 2013 The HPE Enterprise Maps, the fully Archimate (TM) compliant repository enters the market

Team Evolution

Year Event
2000 The team internally nicknamed ‘parta hic’ has been formed at Systinet startup
2006 Mercury Interactive acquires Systinet to become the SOA company
2007 HP acquires Mercury to become SOA, ALM and It Ops, and we become part of the great HP Software experiment
2010 HPE Software opens its office in Saigon, Vietnam
2013 Being all in on the brand new unique product HPE Enterprise Maps, Service Virtualization, CSA, Openstack or even Propel, we do really live the sweet illusion it is possible to build new startup inside a huge corporation
2016 The public still thinks HP is printer, HP splits itself into multiple companies and continues increasing business value at stock markets. We feel the strong need to cross the bridge from big corporation to a new era of our professional lives

Photo by Gene Gallin on an Unsplash.